July 24-26, 2018

Boston, USA

Effectively Integrate AI & Machine Learning to Improve & Accelerate Your Clinical Development Success

Optimize Your Trial Design, Biomarker Identification and Improve Patient Selection to Deliver More Effective, Value-Based & Precision Medicines to Market

As part of the AI Pharma Innovation Series 2018, the only set of conferences solely dedicated to accelerating the effective adoption and successful application of AI and machine learning technologies at specific points of the pharmaceutical value chain, join the AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit to discover how to harness AI to enhance trial design, improve patient selection and identify biomarkers for precision medicine.

As clinical failure rates remain unsustainable, the inaugural AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit is committed to help large pharma, biotech and artificial intelligence innovators overcome key strategic and technical challenges of integrating the right AI solution and applying it specifically to maximize and accelerate clinical development.

Key areas of focus:

  • Data Sharing & Cross-Industry Collaborations – The application of AI & machine learning in clinical development requires large amounts of quality data but the data-rich world of pharma industry is still to figure out the best model of data sharing and partnership. At our summit, address some of the vital questions around data sharing and collaboration and pave the way forward through conversations with key decision makers in the industry
  • Optimization of Clinical Trials – As traditional approaches to conducting clinical trials become increasingly ineffective, AI and machine learning have begun to transform the healthcare industry for the better. AI-driven patient selection, biomarker identification & optimization of clinical designs are some of the key areas of focus of this year summit with case studies of real world projects delivered to you by leading industry experts
  • Precision Medicine – As disruptive technologies are changing the face of pharma, precision medicine is encouraging the industry away from the one-size-fits-all models and towards personalized approaches that enable more efficient drug development and improved patient outcomes down the line. The AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit is bringing together thought leaders of large pharma and biotech companies as well as AI technology providers in a precision medicine paradigm to enable solution led conversations and potential collaboration to pave the future of AI for precision medicine




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