July 24-26, 2018

Boston, USA


The AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit 2018 is an industry leading, solution led event solely focused on effective integration & application of AI & machine learning to improve & accelerate your clinical development success towards the development and delivery of effective, value-based & precision medicines to market.

Download the event guide to get the full detailed speaker faculty and agenda content abstracts, as well as a breakdown of attending companies, audience demographics and registration discounts.


Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Understanding how AI & machine learning is disrupting the current approach to clinical development through case studies from GSK, Merck, Sanofi & Abbvie
  • Assessing and addressing key challenges and opportunities of real world applications of AI & machine learning in clinical development based on case studies from Merck, Pfizer, GSK & Sanofi
  • Evaluating the hurdles and the future landscape of AI-driven patient stratification, biomarker identification & optimization of clinical designs based on solution led talks of leading biotechs such as InSilico Medicine, Berg & Lantern Pharma
  • Finding out about the most innovative approaches of the large pharma towards precision medicine from leaders from Eli Lilly & Abbvie
  • Through deep discussions with key decision makers in the industry such as Takeda, Merck, & Sanofi cut through theories and learn about proof of concept of how AI is going to revolutionize traditional pharmaceutical practices