*The 2019 edition of this event has now run. Thanks to all the participants!*

Revolutionize Clinical Trial Success & Drug Safety Through the Power of Applied AI to Get Better Drugs to Market, Faster

The 2nd AI-ML: Clinical Development Summit once again united experts from AI, data and clinical development and pharmacovigilance to discover how to technically integrate and apply AI algorithms to enhance trial design, improve patient selection and achieve more precise pharmacovigilance studies.

Marrying technical aspects of AI innovation with the strategy behind the implementation, this summit navigated the challenges involved in the application of AI including data security, data quality and change management.

Attendees discovered how to harness the power of AI & Machine Learning and extract maximum value to achieve regulatory success and accelerate novel therapeutic products to market and learn how AI will fundamentally change the paradigms and identify key areas where AI can be a driving force.


Download the 2019 full event guide here.

"This was a great meeting. Finally companies are starting to share some successful AI-applications use cases."

Past Attendee, AI-ML Clinical Development Summit 2018

"Great conference set-up and organization, excellent for networking and creating new collaborations."

Yahui Tian,  Boehinger Ingelheim

"AI-ML Clinical Development 2018 was a successful summit for me as an upcoming biopharmaceutical research professional. They ensured all participants were engaged in discussions and candid about their challenges and triumphs. There were useful lessons and insights I learnt from each speaker."

Aditya Kulkarni, Lantern Pharma

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