AI is certainly a buzz word that leads to many critical questions:

Have we moved on from the hype? When is the best time to implement it? How should we implement it? When can I expect return on investment?

With high level strategic thinking and meaningful technical detail, we plan to address all these key questions at the AI – Machine Learning Summit.

How? Using real AI application use studies from leading biotech and pharma:

  • Cloud Pharmaceuticals will discuss how to use AI & Data Science to rapidly discover precision medicines by analyzing failed phase 3 trial data
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb delves into how they are developing the next generation of machine learning and feature engineering algorithms to predict clinical outcomes in cancer
  • Celgene, Pfizer & AbbVie cut through theories and define the right problems that AI can successfully support & how to scale machine learning for practical use.
  • Takeda illuminates how machine learning derived drug-sensitivity models can help clinical Proof-Of-Concept studies
  • Pfizer, Merck, Leo Innovation Lab & Ieos Digital health will all be exploring the digitization of clinical trials and using AI to improve patient engagement and data driven decisions

It’s time to pave the way to success in streamlining your clinical pipeline

View the full event guide to find out more.

"This was a great meeting. Finally companies are starting to share some successful AI-applications use cases."

Past Attendee, AI-ML Clinical Development Summit 2018

"Great conference set-up and organization, excellent for networking and creating new collaborations."

Yahui Tian,  Boehinger Ingelheim

"AI-ML Clinical Development 2018 was a successful summit for me as an upcoming biopharmaceutical research professional. They ensured all participants were engaged in discussions and candid about their challenges and triumphs. There were useful lessons and insights I learnt from each speaker."

Aditya Kulkarni, Lantern Pharma

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