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Part of Cambridge Healthtech Publishing, Clinical Research News reports on innovative technologies from clinical trials to medical informatics. Technology continues to permeate all aspects of clinical trials and the patient experience, and the tools to support these efforts are maturing rapidly., the Clinical Research News Newsletter and News Bulletins provide authoritative news, views and insights on the vast landscape of innovation between clinical trial management and delivery of care.


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Deep Knowledge Analytics is the DeepTech analytical arm of Deep Knowledge Ventures, specialising in forecasting on the convergence of technological megatrends, conducting special case studies and producing advanced industry analytical reports on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, DeepTech, GovTech, Blockchain, FinTech and InvestTech. Its Pharma Division is the leading analytical entity specifically focused on deep intelligence of the pharma industry and the AI for Drug Discovery sector, and serves as the main source of market intelligence and analytics for AI-Pharma, a specialized hybrid hedge fund.


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PharmaVOICE magazine provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary about the challenges and trends impacting the life-sciences industry in a multiple-perspective format through articles covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE’s more than 46,000 BPA-qualified subscribers and 60,000 users of its digital edition are also kept abreast of the latest trends and information through additional media resources, including WebLinx Interactive WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, White Papers, E-Surveys and e-Alerts.


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SelectScience® is a leading, independent online publisher of cutting-edge science technology and research news, rich editorial content and peer-to-peer information. Through impartial product reviews, expert advice, thought-leading webinars, features on hot scientific topics, applications and more, SelectScience provides scientists across the world with vital information about the best products and techniques to use in their work.


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We are a business intelligence platform (BPT Analytics) providing pharmaceutical industry professionals with interactive data analytics on the emerging biotech companies (startups), novel hi-tech products and services, contract research opportunities, and scientific innovations in drug discovery, allowing our users to reveal trends and opportunities in their areas of interest.

Besides the core analytics and consulting services, we publish articles and commentaries contributed by top industry professionals and thought leaders, including researchers, business executives, and entrepreneurs.